Artie’s Cabin

This classic ‘A’ frame lakeside cabin was constructed over the top of an existing, single-story cabin.  The existing roof was removed and existing walls and foundation were partially used in the new plan configuration.  A new second story mezzanine tucks under a new soaring high-pitched roof and is accessed via a new circular staircase off of the expanded living room.  The living room with its soaring, two-story space offers wonderful views to the lake and provides visual and spatial interaction with the mezzanine above.  A continuous glass wall enhances indoor-outdoor living across the front.  An overhanging front truss, which is supported on concrete sauna tube columns, provides shade for lounging on the continuous front deck.  The wood trim on the of the roadside façade of the cabin was designed to read as a large capital ‘A’, the first and last initials of the owner’s name.  This project was completed while employed by Ken Hahn Architects.