Louis Kahn, a famous architect, once asked a brick “what it wanted to be.”  To Mr. Kahn the brick spoke that it wanted to be an arch.   The idea behind Mr. Kahn’s muse was the idea or notion that architecture and our man-made and natural environment can speak to us, that it embodies a language-a code.  The pleasure of materials, the virtues of familiar forms, the vitality of a market place, the sun beaming light through a window, the serenity of a quiet spot in a home or park, a front porch swing, the curve or shape of a well proportioned architectural detail, to see and understand the value of a “sense of place,” these are all elements of that language and code that can nourish, freshen and inspire the human spirit and provide a continuity of aesthetic, cultural values and beautiful surroundings.  As an architectural designer, it has been my career passion to inspire and elevate the human spirit through the creation of beautiful buildings, providing human comfort and creating a “sense of place.”

As early on as high school architecture classes, where a good instructor exposed us to some of the region’s best residential architecture, and through the many influences of my highly creative and influential grandfather who built custom residential homes and additions, I have gravitated to the art and craft of the design of the single family home.  In over 35 years of practice, I have developed a substantial residential portfolio of a wide range of residential design types and costs from traditional to modern, single family, multi-family, retirement communities, low to moderate income housing and from high-end million dollar homes to small room and deck additions and basement remodels.

I approach each project by identifying its own unique set of circumstances.  It involves the careful considerations of the philosophy of the client, the clients budget and characteristics of context and site.  The results provide an architecture that inspires human emotions and elevates the human spirit.

During the course of my career I have also had the privilege to be involved in the planning and design of a diverse range of other project types including schools, museums, office buildings, retail and commercial buildings, churches and civic structures. I am also highly versed in urban design and community planning with an emphasis on historic preservation.  The last twenty years of my career I worked for the City of Omaha as an urban designer, City Architect and Preservation Administrator while maintaining a residential architectural practice.  My full-time practice now focuses on residential design.