H Schrager Residence


This project involved the design and construction of a new, single-family residence in a high-end residential development in Omaha, NE.  The clients desired a residence with substantial presence.  A problem to overcome was the narrow street frontage at the end of a cul-de-sac.  Covenant restrictions required a garage orientation away from the street.  The client’s desire for privacy required minimal street-side glass exposure and was complicated by the treeless, irregular site with seven abutting neighbors.  Emphasis on privacy also had to be balanced with the family’s preference for open space, pool, sun exposure, and minimal separation of interior and exterior entertainment areas.  The site geometry thus suggested the landscaped hexagonal form with focus concentrated toward the rear terrace pool.  The client’s preference for dramatic spaces suggested the ceiling heights and forms provided.  Coffered wall and interior skylights define these spaces and balance the light from the poolside glass.  Wood framing and roof trusses are supplemented by a substantial amount of structural steel to provide open interior volume and twelve-foot eaves.  Exterior acrylic plaster extends on to the interior wall surfaces as well.  The round column covers contain steel columns, roof drainage pipes. Electrical conduit, exterior lighting and heat cables for the concealed gutter system.  All mechanical penetrations of the roof were consolidated within the chimney mass.  This project was completed while employed at Don Polsky FAIA and Associates.