P Schrager Residence


The architect of this house was called upon to examine and revise his seventeen-year-old design to reflect the changed and maturing lifestyle of the family, which has occupied it since its construction in 1970.  The owner’s perception was that he could afford and desired that the quality of finish materials be enhanced and that certain spaces be enlarged.  Combined with the fact of a changing lifestyle because of children having grown up and moved on, and an extensive collection of art, he wanted his house to comply with his present needs.  A prime consideration was to create an amalgamation of an invigorating and stimulating living space and an appropriate and sensitively executed ‘gallery” for his outstanding collection of twentieth century American art.

The project involved a virtual reprogramming of the original building, and dictated complete removal of all interior finishes, subfloors, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems and Ll exterior finish materials, except stonework.  The house received additions in four directions including a new front entry, porte cochere and property fencing including electronic entry gates.

This project was completed while working for Don Polsky FAIA Architects.  My participation included the design of the front entry and art gallery, porte cochere addition, front stone privacy wall and front entry gates.